21st Pan American Child and Adolescent Congress

The key subject of the 21st Pan American Child and Adolescent Congress will be violence against children, under the title: “Childhood: Building Peaceful Environments”.

2nd Pan American Child and Adolescents Forum

2nd Civil Society Forum

The 2nd Pan American Child Forum is an opportunity for coordination between the different spokespeople and representatives of the children of OAS member states, where promotes child participation, at which children can exercise their right to give their opinions and be heard by the authorities responsible for the design and implementation of public policies for children in the region.

The Inter-American Children´s Institute, with the support of the OAS Department of International Affairs (DIA), the Global Movement for Children of Latin America and the Caribbean and in coordination with the Host Country for the Pan American Congress, will carry out the 2nd Civil Society Forum prior to the XXI Pan American Child Congress on August 12 and 13 of 2014 in San Salvador, El Salvador.


10 - 12 DECEMBER, 2014
Setor Hoteleiro Sul, Quadra 06, Lote 01, Conjunto A, Brasilia