Magistrates from the State of Ecuador visit the IIN

On August 24, we received with enthusiasm at the Inter-American Children’s Institute, magistrates of the State of Ecuador, Angelina Veloz Bonilla and Tatiana Ordeñas Sierra. It was an interesting meeting, in which technicians from the Institute could exchange about the current IIN and lines of work, as well as the reality of Ecuador regarding different childhood topics. Some of them were the importance of deepening the Gender perspective in working with children and families; the need to train operators in legal rights perspective; and the need to raise awareness about the electoral participation of adolescents and the promotion of democratic values, because in the State of Ecuador the right to vote starts after 16 years old. The rich dialogue allows us to project future working arrangements and joint actions. It was another instance that make us reaffirm the open doors mission of the Institute, recognizing that all the exchange spaces contributes to the reflection on the situation of children in the region.