90th Regular Meeting of the Directing Council of the IIN

The last 23, 24 and 25 November 2015 in the city of Antigua, Guatemala, was developed the 90th Regular Meeting of the Directing Council. After the generous offer of the State of Guatemala and through the Social Welfare Secretariat of the Presidency, the annual meeting of the highest body of the Institute was performed, within the beauty and hospitality of this country. In this opportunity and for being the first year of the Director General of the IIN Victor Giorgi, the meeting focused heavily on the exchange, contributions and subsequent validation of the Action Plan of the Institute for the period 2015/19.

The relevant regional meeting was attended by representatives of 22 States of the Inter American System, as well as a large group of observers from different countries and organizations. Especially we highlight the participation of a representative of the Committee on the Rights of the Child who exposed about “Joint Work Perspectives between the Committee of the Rights of the Child and the Inter American Children’s Institute.

The opportunity to bring together a select group of authorities in the region related to public policies for child protection, allowed developing several parallel meetings, which are also valued as extremely important for the near future of activities and work of the Institute.

As a result of the intense activity is achieved validate the Action Plan of the Institute for the next period, a series of resolutions were adopted, and it was accepted the offer of the State of Chile to host the 91st meeting of the Directing Council in 2016. We invite all the interested to review the Agenda of the Meeting, the Action Plan 2015/19 and the Resolutions adopted, available on our website http://www.iin.oea.org/reunion-90.html.